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Lampung Batik : History and Designs

batik lampung motif tree of life

History mentions, Lampung textile art already know since the 18th century. Range of the textile art among other Lampung fabricfilters (woven ikat), pawns, sebage, selekap, teppal, cindai, peleppai (patterned fabric of the ship), and the tray. But most people know of tapis Lampung. tapis fabric ( ikat weaving from lampung is tapis) is a type […]

Batik Garuda

Batik Motif gurda also did not escape the past belief. Garuda is a mount of Lord Vishnu is known as the Sun God. Garuda became a mount of Lord Vishnu and serve as a symbol of the Sun. By Javanese, garuda as symbols of life as well as a symbol of virility. Batik Motif Meru […]

History of Bali Batik

When you come back to see how the existence of the batik of bali, then in fact there have been changes and begins since the era of the 1970s. However with the industry, batik is still makin squirm in. 1997. However, in fact, batik fabric himself has also enliven the excitement related noise. This is […]

Carolina Josephine van Franquemont and Dutch Batik

Red Riding Hood by Caroline van Franquemont

Carolina Josephine van Franquemont is Netherlands women were touted as the first Netherlands citizens established a batik factory in Indonesia. In the hands of Caroline-lah, stands a batik factory in Surabaya in 1840 that would later become part of the history of the development of batik in Indonesia, particularly the coastal batik. Caroline, who eventually […]

Caring Batik

If the material is in a good condition (no stain) it should be washed and rinsed using clean water about 3-5 times. On the contrary, if it is stained, it should be washed by using a liquid shampoo (a tablespoon for 3 liter) and then, dip it. Please don’t rub when washing and don’t use […]