History of Bali Batik

When you come back to see how the existence of the batik of bali, then in fact there have been changes and begins since the era of the 1970s. However with the industry, batik is still makin squirm in. 1997.

However, in fact, batik fabric himself has also enliven the excitement related noise. This is mainly a matter of bali as a location described as paradise of the world due to the exotic nature having as well as tempting people to visit the place.

Moreover, with the appearance of batik design, it had its own uniqueness among all facets of batik fabric in Indonesia. bali batik fabric was not simply incarnate as a headband, but has been so collectibles which can be obtained by anyone.

bali batik fabric motif and design is a very rich and full of variation interest want to collect this batik. This subject is also increasingly popular bali batik fabric as well as in the market as well as getting good responses from some batik lovers in the market.

Meanwhile there is also mention that the existence of bali batik fabric craft industry began since th. 1970s. the art of batik is spearheaded by pande ketut krisna tegeha, banjar village from sukawati, gianyar, bali.

at that time, the introduction of fixed batik is done by very manual. batik weaving techniques and retain the cap/tjap using a technique with loom manuals (ikat weaving). at this time we are more familiar with the term “Alat Tenun Bukan Mesin (ATBM)”.

This batik fabric change itself has been more and more popular as well as a natural fusion of very fast. This subject has been due to the growing number of batik fabric industry as well as provide a range of typical Balinese batik style motifs. do not miss also sorts of shades blend of Balinese batik such as bali-papua batik, bali-pekalongan batik, etc.

causes of Fusion on the other hand is not and does not just because, as we know that the island of the gods was very much touched various entrants who then gave the turn itself also in the subject system of the batik. This subject deals with all existence of the island.

Moreover, Balinese batik is favoured by international market share because of the bright colors and hand dye-colouring, especially in the USA, Canada, UK and australia there are quilting batik fabric of bali which has its own market segmentation, because different quilting batik fabric with other textile from rotary mechine