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Batik Kraton Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta as the capital and royal in Java, known as the heart of the art of batik. Jogja batik is very unique design that is developing a combination of several design motifs geometris.Contoh Jogja Batik is: Grompol and Nitik. Grompol commonly used for weddings. Grompol means coming together, symbolizing the presence with all good things, […]

Batik Parang Rusak Barong

Broken bat parang batik Motif is derived from the rocks and barong (Lions). Parangparang barong is the most big and great, and because of the sacredness of his philosophy, this pattern should only be used for the King, especially worn at religious rituals and meditation. This Motif was created of Sultan AgungHanyakrakusuma who wants to […]

Batik Garuda

Batik Motif gurda also did not escape the past belief. Garuda is a mount of Lord Vishnu is known as the Sun God. Garuda became a mount of Lord Vishnu and serve as a symbol of the Sun. By Javanese, garuda as symbols of life as well as a symbol of virility. Batik Motif Meru […]

Batik Ciptoning

The Motif of this ciptoning is usually used by people who are elderly or leader. With this motive, the wearer is expected to be a wise man and was able to give the correct directions on others. Philosophical meaning behind this pattern is not only for leaders, but also to everyone that was able to […]

Batik Ceplok

Form of pattern is a pattern of very ancient poached kawung. A pattern with this poached motifs inspired by fruit shape kawung (fruit or fruit aren roof) divided by four. The fourth part of the fruit together essentially represent the four directions (directions) of Buddhism. Basically, the fried egg is a category based on the […]

Batik Pekalongan

On the border of North Java, batik is called “batik pesisiran”. Historically, there are three types of batik pekalongan. The first ones, is local batik. It is made by using local style. The pattern doesn’t refer to princes’ rule, but it takes market progress by using the product sold out quickly. [frame src=”https://batiksfabric.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/encim.jpg” link=”” target=”_self” […]