Lampung Batik : History and Designs

batik lampung motif tree of life
batik lampung motif tree of life History mentions, Lampung textile art already know since the 18th century. Range of the textile art among other Lampung fabricfilters (woven ikat), pawns, sebage, selekap, teppal, cindai, peleppai (patterned fabric of the ship), and the tray. But most people know of tapis Lampung. tapis fabric ( ikat weaving from lampung is tapis) is a type of traditional handicrafts in Lampung society harmonizing his life good for the environment as well as the creator of the universe. Tapis fabric used as tribal women’s clothing fabric Holster-shaped Float made of woven cotton yarn with motif or decoration materials sugi, threads of silver or gold thread embroidery system. This fabric is usually used at the waist down glove-shaped Development of batik motif lampung began in about 1970 by ahumanist lampung i.e. Andrean Sangaji said could join the popularize batik motif of boat and batik motif “tree of life” are strongly influenced by the culture of hindu-Buddhistpast. Lampung batik motifs that developed at this time was the motif of batik lampung modification or creations to add to the richness of the range of motifs of lampung batik, indonesia batik lovers in order to have many options such as gamolan motif, butterfly, siger, and elephants batik design from lampung   batik design of sembagi boat batik design from lampung elephant design from batik lampung Batik lampung appears because the idea of one of the old Javanese population settled in the region of lampung i.e. Gatot Kartiko with creative ideas to develop the pattern or motifs from traditional woven fabric filters fabric namely lampung and siger. Development of batik lampung quite rapidly when it began to be worn by former gubernut father Sjachroedin Z.P. lampung meaning and philosophynot as in lampung batik batik of Java in General, more to thewealth of motifs that demonstrate lampung identity itself. If reviewed from the point of history, does not demonstrate lampung facts of history that mengurucut to a culture here in the past, so batik lampung there because developed on the basis of the business that accentuate the characteristic area of the city of lampung itself as well as on batik jember created due to business factors combined with the characteristic of the city. Batik lampung more popular when worn by the former President of INDONESIAwho so love the batik indonesia Mr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Variety of batik lampung if review of the manufacturing process, there are 3 types of batik, handwriting batik(batik tulis), stamped batik (batik cap), and batik with motif full of lampung. The price of a piece of batik cloth this float is similar to batik prices generally range from IDR 75000 range up to a million more, depending on the type of fabric batik itself.