Batik Parang Rusak Barong

batik parang rusak barong
batik parang rusak barong

Broken bat parang batik Motif is derived from the rocks and barong (Lions). Parangparang barong is the most big and great, and because of the sacredness of his philosophy, this pattern should only be used for the King, especially worn at religious rituals and meditation.

This Motif was created of Sultan AgungHanyakrakusuma who wants to express his experience as King with all of its obligations and duties of consciousness as a young man in the presence of the creator.

The barong means something big and this is reflected in the size of the pattern on the fabric. This barong machete damaged Motif is the parent of all of the motives of parang. This Motif has significance to a King is always carefully and be able to control myself.

Batik Motif Slobog

Slobog can also mean lobok or loose. This fabric commonly used for organizing, with the goal of keeping the deceased did not have difficulty facing the Almighty. It is strongly influenced by the religious principles that after death there is another life that must be accountable, i.e. facing the God Almighty.