Caring Batik

  • If the material is in a good condition (no stain) it should be washed and rinsed using clean water about 3-5 times. On the contrary, if it is stained, it should be washed by using a liquid shampoo (a tablespoon for 3 liter) and then, dip it.
  • Please don’t rub when washing and don’t use any kind of detergent. We can use a soap or orange leather to clean the heavy stain.
  • Please never use a washing machine, especially for silk material
  • It is advised not to dry in the sun.
  • It is forbidden to squeeze before drying. However, we can put in order carefully when drying.
  • It is advised to  put another material on which when ironing
  • If you would like to use freshener or softener, cover it by a paper first, and spread out inside to avoid any stain
  • Keep it in plastic and don’t give camphor for safety. It is a good idea if we use a pepper to avoid an animal attack (kind of insect). There is also another way, by using fragrance root which dip into hot water first, and then dry, repeat again. We are ready to use it when it is in arid condition
  • In certain batik, generally, it will be discolor when washing for the first time, but don’t be afraid because it will be steady for the next