Batik Kraton Surakarta

Batik Keraton Surakarta, Sawat-LarSurakarta or Solo is one of two sultanate of Java, with all the traditions and customs of the kingdom which is the center of HinduJavanese culture. Not only the residence of the king’s palace, but also the center of government, religion and culture are reflected in the art of the region, especially in the nature of batik: motifs, colors and usage rules. In Solo there are some specific rules on the use of batik, include: tsosial status of the wearer and special events where the batik should be used in conjunction with the hope or blessing symbolized through batik design.Solo batik designs are often associated with Hindu Javanese culture, Sawat symbol of the crown or highest power, Meru symbol of mountain or the earth, a symbol of the water dragon, symbol Birds of wind or upper world and the symbol of fire Tongues of Fire. Beberapadesain traditionally used in important events, for example: Satria Manah and Cement Chain worn during the wedding ceremony application.Design Fabrics made ​​in workshops Panembahan length Hardjonagoro, Surakarta in the early ’80s, the combined effects of multiple patterned areas, but the overall design style and color typical of Solo. Cloth fabric is twice the length of half a meter, which is used as a formal gloves.