Batik Jawa Hokokai

batik jawa hokokai
batik jawa hokokai

is a Chinese-produced batik with patterns and colors influenced by cultural background with batik patterns of Japan Palace. This Batik fabric started to develop during the occupation of Japan in Indonesia.
There are the usual motif of batik in Java Hokokai is cherry blossoms, krisant, dahlias and orchids in the form of buketan or lung-lungan and plus a butterfly motif, in addition there is also a motif a Peacock who has a sense of the beauty and grandeur.
Java Batik Hokokai created the Chinese entrepreneurs with the aim of adjusting to Japan’s Government. The name Hokokai is derived from the name of the Java organiosasi that help Japan activities create prosperity in Asia in a variety of activities in collaboration with the people of Java.
One of its activities ordered batik Pekalongan to entrepreneurs and given to the people of Indonesia who contributed in Japan. One of structuring motif very clearly shows the influence of Japan is part of a pattern called Susomoyo that is a fringe pattern consists of a range of ornamental flowers and butterflies that are set from the corner towards the bottom corner towards the bottom or the side such as the stacking pattern kimono.