• Shipping and handling cost will Charge to buyer when buyer place order
  • Shipping cost for samples / swatches will charge to buyer
  • All packages will ship in box and will safety to arrive your address
  • We are not responsible due demage by courrier
  • If buyer have account in FEDEX / DHL or USPS so we will request buyer account of corrier and then shiiping cost will charge to your courrier account
  • Buyer can request delivery by air flight or sea port.

Free On Board or Freight On Board (FOB)

Port is Tanjung emas port , semarang, jawa tengah

How long package will arrive? It will depend destination and shipping company, usually order from USA it will arrive 7days through airport  but when shipping method is postal express mail service is it will arrive 10-15 business days for USA destination

Shipment by seaport will take 30 days