New Batik Fabric Collection

Extra wide batik fabric

We also sell extra wide batik fabric. fabric available :
108″ , 114″ and 118″
Feel Free to contact us for more information

Batik Fabric Sale

We Sale batik fabric with material cotton and rayon. We also sell extra wide batik fabric
rayon batik fabric :
68 x 80, 30s, width = 115
56 x 70, 30s, width =110
cotton batik fabric:
90 x 70, 40s, width = 110 cm
120 x 60, 40s, width = 112 cm
130 x 70, 40s, width = 115 cm
133 x 72, 50s, width = 115 cm

Custom Design

We have ability to develop new design, from design on paper to be beautiful and colorful batik fabric. off course this design will be your private design, never sell and show to others buyer
The design can come from buyer and we develop custom batik fabric as order from buyer


What is batik fabric

What is batik fabric

Batik Fabric : Indonesian Cultural Heritage that Goes Transnational

Batik Fabric was born in Indonesia, but now the garment can be found in almost every corner of the world. What is batik fabric? Batik is more a process to make artistic garment than the product itself. Etymologically, batik is derived from Javanese termsĀ amba, which means to write, andĀ titik, which means dot. The art of batik thus involves writing dots, lines and curves on a piece of fabric using a …

The Antique Batik : Hand Written Batik Tiga Negeri Tjoa Solo

The Antique Batik of Tjoa’s written Batik 3 negeri comes from Solo Jawa Tengah, for batik lovers will need to have recognized Tjoa’s batik. tjoa grouped loved ones is batik artisan that’s so popular previously to the present. Batik is classified because antique in today’s and has the worthiness of art …


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