Batik Fabric Sale

We Sale batik fabric with material cotton and rayon. We also sell extra wide batik fabric

rayon batik fabric :
68 x 80, 30s, width = 115
56 x 70, 30s, width =110

cotton batik fabric:
90 x 70, 40s, width = 110 cm
120 x 60, 40s, width = 112 cm
130 x 70, 40s, width = 115 cm
133 x 72, 50s, width = 115 cm

Custom Design

We have ability to develop new design, from design on paper to be beautiful and colorful batik fabric. off course this design will be your private design, never sell and show to others buyer

The design can come from buyer and we develop custom batik fabric as order from buyer



hand block batik fabric



High Quality

Our antique batik fabrics has passed UL lab test, and we always apply high quality control system, start from take high quality material and the batik process by experienced batik artisan

Cheap Price

We are batik fabric manufacturer so you can get cheap batik fabric. Buy Bulk quantity of batik fabric to get discount price with variety color and designs. directly from the world’s city of batik, Pekalongan.