Metalic Polka Dot on Blue Violet Bali Batik

Green Polka Dot on Blue Pink bali batik

We are bali batik Wholesale have a huge selection of cotton / rayon batik fabrics with original colors, styles, solids, and watercolor results.
Batiks is established utilizing a manual (hand dye), all those amazing pieces of hand block batik print have been hand dyed by skilled batik artisans in java, Indonesia. Batik fabrics provides been found in quilting for decades, and the full total results could be spectacular! Since batik fabrics are exclusive, ensure that you get all of the yardage you think you might need – each bolt is normally one-of-a-kind!
This batik is best for Accessories – Bags/Purses, Apparel, Batik shirts, batik sarong, Bedding linens, Children clothes, Costume designs, Crafts, Quilting, home d├ęcor,

Here are polka dot patterned on this cotton/rayon batik fabric as well as extra wide batik fabric
Gorgeous Colors include various shades of This is a mostly grey (metalic), violet, and blue

Please Note: Gorgeous Batik fabrics are made using a handmade dying and Hand block batik technique so variations can be expected in the print of the fabric and color.