Eliza van Zuylen and Holland Batik

Eliza van Zuylen


Eliza van Zuylen is is one of maestro batik in Indonesia, a Netherlands citizen who lived between 1863-1947. Here is one picture of Eliza van Zuylen batik work. Batik works of Eliza van Zuylen are mostly patterned floral bouquet, which was later widely known as Van Zuylen Bouquet.
Batik Netherlands began to develop between the years 1840-1940, in general the batik cloths Netherlands holsters that are just made for The Netherlands Netherlands descendants &. There are many types of Batik fabric in coastal areas, for example in the area of Pekalongan. Most of the patterns in the Netherlands including Batik patterns buketan. One of them is the famous batik works of Eliza buketan Van Zuylen.

Eliza Van ZUYLEN batik art

On the development of batik, batik Netherlands Eliza van Zuylen is recognized as a top copyright batik works of Netherlands. Because batik Eliza van Zuylen offers the highest level of complexity both in terms of the typical motif and detail, as well as in terms of colorful of the resulting color. Most of Van Zuylen Eliza-style batik buketan, to produce a colorful flower pattern on it Eliza buketan Van Zuylen by using synthetic color substances so that the resulting colour is more diverse. While the tinting process is also done by painting and dipped for a time in machining process efficiency.
The Influence Of Chinese Motifs In Batik Eliza Van Zuylen

Eliza van Zuylen
Eliza van Zuylen also perform various development patterns, for instance by combine his buketan style with elements of Chinese culture, since at that time already began to appear also in Arabic and Chinese batik in Java. Chinese cultural elements are visible on the emerging pattern of lilies, peacocks and detail isen-isen is more complicated on the buketan design. The colors shown on the hand becomes more diverse and bright, still using synthetic dyes.